Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tile from ASRO with a wide range of designs and various price ranges to suit your requirements. ASRO can meet your requirements in price budget, traffic requirements and many different specifications requirements. For standard carpet installations, browse to different series below. The tile designs are organized below in the increasing price order for you to select the model according to your requirements easily.

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Carpet Tile Series 1

Carpet Tile Series 2

Carpet Tile Series 3

These series of carpet tiles have multiple designs to match your office themes. Also with dense polypropylene yarns for long life.

Carpet Tile Series 4 (Nylon Carpet)

For heavy commercial traffic places, and offices

Heavy Contract Series (FR Bfl-s1 / EN 13501-1)

Heavy Duty Carpet Tiles mostly from Belgium is suitable for all commercial buildings. Each design has specified for fire resistance, rubbing fastness, anti-static, thermal resistance, sound absorption, and transversal resistance. All our heavy duty carpet tiles are certified for Green Label Singapore.

carpet tiles are the most suitable for acoustic, aesthetic, pleasant working condition & easy maintenance of dirt for every offices. It has its own aesthetic styling and outstanding performance depending on your traffic requirements. ASRO offers multiple designs and wide range qualities with different pricing options. We have affordable and strong quality tiles to meet today’s competitive office environment. Our tiles are specified with stain resistant, hard wearing, anti-microbial, flame retardant and permanently anti-static, to provide years of satisfying use.

ASRO offers many types yarn textures which are loop pile, cut pile, cut & loop textures. We have various backing options with PVC, PVC Glass back, Bitumen-PVC free, cushion back etc.., ECO Back – PVC Free Cushion Backing provides a sturdy and dimensional stable base so that the tiles can be easily laid with just a thin coating of tackifier adhesive. ASRO has Carpets conform to the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System and complies with environmental regulations and environmentally friendly “green” carpet (Green Label Certified). Hence, a majority  of the excess production materials are recycled in-house resulting in a minimum of 10% recycled content in our tile backing.

Our tiles performances are tested by ITTS Inc. USA.

ASRO has carpet tiles that are developed to address the fine dust problem. The thickness and grid structure of the yarn make In-groove no fewer than 6 times better for capturing and holding fine dust than hard floors. Therefore these are extremely suitable for offices, schools and heavy traffic areas such as entrance halls and corridors.

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