Whiteboard Film / Writable Dry Erasable Film

Whiteboard films come with 4MIL thickness, glossy surface (for easy erasable) with a mild off-white color. 4MIL thickness makes the surface stronger, stiff compared to 2MIL films. The film can be easily removable and place back again. It can be writable many times and dry-erasable. This film type can be applied to all kinds of glassy finish surfaces.


The standard size of the film –  1.52 x 30m. We also can cut to any length that you need. Also available clear writing film depending on your needs.

  • Can be used in office/school glass partitions which gives a lot of space for writing and also provide high privacy levels
  • Can be used to overlay the damaged whiteboards instead of buying again.
  • Can be used on the Children’s study desk to make a big writing space for them.
  • Can be applied on a smooth wall surface at any dimensions to make your big-size free writing space for your kids or your home office.
  • Can be directly stuck to the wood surface, steel surface, glass surface, ceramics surface, metal surface, old blackboard, and other flat hard material surfaces.


Whiteboard / Clear writing films come with Anti-scratch, easy to clean, less friction writing, waterproof and light resistance.


Magnetic Whiteboard Sheets

We can provide a Whiteboard roll with magnetic properties for projects. This kind of film comes with thick material and can be applied on walls and other surfaces.


Material              Glossy/Matte PET surface+ ferrous + Double-sided adhesive backing

Thickness          0.58mm / 0.6mm / 1.15mm

Applications       Offices, Schools, Tuition Centres, Architectural Firms, Laboratories,
All worksites, Nurseries, Hospitals, Medical Firms & any other places
where writing instructions required in common.

Surfaces            Suitable for Drywall, Painted Wall, Laminate Finish.