Gradient Film

Gradient Film is perfectly suitable for Offices, Meeting Room, Conference Room, Commercial semi privacy, Residential decoration, Bathroom, Balcony and many other uses depending on one’s imagination. The major advantage of these films are maximize the space views compared to traditional frosting that makes the space smaller.

PET material makes easy to clean. The film is self-adhesive for easy DIY. Professional installation service is also provided by ASRO at additional cost based on the quantity.


One Way / Single Side Gradient Film:

If you are looking for privacy only on glass bottom half, then this film is perfect match. This film can be installed from bottom with a gap to get more privacy height. Also this film can be installed in reverse direction to get more privacy.


Two Way / Double Side Gradient Film:

if you are looking for glass middle area privacy like meeting rooms and other office rooms then this film is suitable. You can easily adjust the opaque area height point according to your requirement.


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