Chalkboard / Blackboard Sticker

Blackboard sticker or Chalkboard sticker Transforms any flat surface into a black/colourful magnetic writable space with normal chalk


Blackboard sticker or Chalkboard sticker + Ferrous + Strong Adhesive to stick on any flat surfaces and with magnetic holding capability apart from chalk writing.


Sheet Roll Size: 1.2m x 20m (Cut lengths available for black colour)



  • Restaurants where you may need to update special; offers/menus
  • Seminar rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Schools, Institutions, Tuition Centers
  • Nurseries
  • Hospitals etc

Features of Chalkboard Sheets:

  • Friendly environment: a green chalkboard for eye protection, a black chalkboard for eye attraction, colour surface for decoration.
  • Dust-free
  • A highly scratch-resistance surface ensures writing can be wiped off wet.
  • Workable with educational and stationary magnets


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