Sticky Mat

Sticky Mat / Renovation Dust Mat / Cleanroom Mat / Hygienic Mat /Peel-off Mat


Sticky mat/cleanroom mat provides a tacky surface which removes dirt and debris off shoe soles before entering a sanitary sensitive or clean room environment. Or out from renovation places.

You can protect your workplace with just 50 cents a day. This mat removed almost all micro dirt and dust and you can easily remove each used piece (peel-off mat) and start fresh from the next day. Particularly, during this COVID-19 time, these kinds of mats are widely purchased by our customers for more effective matting purposes together with regular mats.


Sticky Mat Standard Sizes: 

  •  24″ x 36″ (30 sheets per mat x 8 mats per carton)
  •  26″ x 45″  (30 sheets per mat x 8 mats per carton)

Common Application Areas:

  • High sanitary requirement areas like cleanrooms, hospital rooms, Labs, Dust Free rooms.
  • Renovation mat is used in renovation / Construction sites to remove dirt from the shoe soles when exiting from the site.
  • Dust / Dirt Free Environment Production Entrance and wherever applicable.


  •  Sticky mats or cleanroom mats made of Polypropylene Film. 
  •  Used to control fine dust and dirt before entering a cleanroom.
  •  Fast & reliable way to clean shoe soles before entering the cleanroom.
  •  30 sheets are stacked together for easy change whenever required. And also to make a fresh mat every day.
  •  Available Color in Blue.

Handling Conditions:

  • Store sticky mat flat (Horizontal)  – Do not store vertically.
  • Keep dry and do not bend
  • Avoid direct contact with sunlight
  • Store in an airy area
  • Stick the mat on the surface without water, moisture, oil and dirt.

Technical Specifications

Material Low-Density Polyethylene
Thickness 0.035mm (+/-0.005mm)
0.04mm (+/-0.005mm)
Tensile Strength Transverse ≥ 12Mpa, Lengthways ≥ 20Mpa
Elongation Transverse ≥ 300%, Lengthways ≥ 200%
Adhesive Water-based Acrylic
Tackiness 300-1000kg / 25mm
180° Peeling Strength Standard mat for footwear  –   2.5N/25mm

Mat for Trolley & Footwear  –  1.0N/25mm

Size 24″ x 36″  &   26″ x 45″
Layers 30 Sheets
Packaging 8 Mats / Carton
Color Blue


SGS Test Certificates for Sticky Mat:

VDA270 Odour Test – Low odour or no bad smell will be produced when using indoor




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