Sticky Mat

Sticky Mat / Renovation Dust Mat / Cleanroom Mat / Hygienic Mat /Peel-off Mat


Sticky mat or cleanroom mat (Grade A) provides a tacky surface that removes dirt or debris from shoe soles before entering a clean environment and also when you are out from dusty renovation places.

You can protect your workplace with just 50 cents a day. This mat removes almost all micro dirt and dust and you can easily remove each used piece (peel-off mat) and start fresh from the next day. Our Grade-A sticky mats are more suitable for human traffic, and designed to hold human loads. Some of the mats are designed for heavy trolley loads and are not suitable for human traffic.

Sticky Mat Standard Sizes: 
  •  24″ x 36″ (30 sheets per mat x 8 mats per carton)
  •  26″ x 45″ (30 sheets per mat x 8 mats per carton)
  • Also available in loose mats purchase.
Common Application Areas:
  • High sanitary requirement areas like cleanrooms, hospital rooms, Labs, and dust-free rooms.
  • Renovation mat is used in renovation / Construction sites to remove dirt from the shoe soles when exiting from the site.
  • Dust / Dirt Free Environment Production Entrance and wherever applicable.
  •  Sticky mats or cleanroom mats made of Polypropylene Film. 
  •  Used to control fine dust and dirt before entering a cleanroom.
  •  Fast & reliable way to clean shoe soles before entering the cleanroom.
  •  30 sheets are stacked together for easy change whenever required. And also, to make a fresh mat every day.
  •  Available Color in Blue.
Handling Conditions:
  • Store the sticky mat in a flat position (Always in sleeping condition)  – Do not store it vertically.
  • Keep dry and do not bend
  • Avoid direct contact with sunlight
  • Store in an airy area
  • Stick the mat on the surface without water, moisture, oil and dirt.
Technical Specifications
Material Low-Density Polyethylene
Thickness 0.035mm (+/-0.005mm)
0.04mm (+/-0.005mm)
Tensile Strength Transverse ≥ 12Mpa, Lengthways ≥ 20Mpa
Elongation Transverse ≥ 300%, Lengthways ≥ 200%
Adhesive Water-based Acrylic
Tackiness 300-1000kg / 25mm
180° Peeling Strength Standard mat for footwear  –   2.5N/25mm

Mat for Trolley & Footwear  –  1.0N/25mm

Size 24″ x 36″  &   26″ x 45″
Layers 30 Sheets
Packaging 8 Mats / Carton
Colour Blue


SGS Test Certificates for Sticky Mat:

VDA270 Odour Test – Low odour or no bad smell will be produced when using indoor


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