Event Carpets

Event Carpet or Exhibition Carpet or Needle punch Carpet or Carpet Runner or Event Runner is most popular temporary flooring and ASRO specialize to sell it at cheap price without compromising the quality.


Event Carpet – NBR Series

Roll Size :  2m (width) x 22.5m (length) x 2mm (+/-) Thick. Cut lengths available.

Synthetic fiber Needle Punch

Thick Ribbed Series with Latex Foam Backing

Roll Size :  2m (width) x 25m (length) x 3.5mm (+/-) Thick. Cut lengths available.

100% Olefin fiber Ribbed Construction, Latex foam for anti-skid


ASRO offers event carpets at the best price with quality. Event carpets are simply DIY by using double sided tape and edge tapes. For projects, ASRO offers quality installation service as a package. For temporary use for one day to few days, NBR series are suffice. For long time usage, Ribbed series are suggested. The foam backing of the ribbed series give a cushion comfort compare to the standard ones. The Ribbed series can be used for short term office with low traffic for less than a year period.

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