Kitchen Mat/ Anti Fatigue Mat

kitchen Mat / Anti Fatigue Mat / Safe-walk Mat is made with durable heavy-duty rubber. This mat is also called a ‘safe walk mat’ and it is designed to last longer than any other mat. The anti-fatigue properties help to prevent aches from long-standing jobs. Common Applications are Kitchens, Food Processing Areas, Bar, Cafeteria, Industrial Workstations, Dish Washing Areas, Assembly Lines, areas subject To Liquids, Fats, Grease, Oil and Long Hour Standing jobs and even entrances where the dust is mostly expected to trap inside the holes, etc.

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Kitchen Mat is made of durable heavy-duty rubber material and provides a long-lasting solution for kitchen and safe walk area requirements. It has Anti-Fatigue properties and helps to prevent aches and pain due to long hours of standing work. The drainage holes provide excellent traction of oil and water and good resistance as well. Movement of oil and water is easy due to the raised floor section of 12mm high. Handling and cleaning are easier than any other mats for these areas. Certified by SGS the world’s leading testing and certification company.

Deck Mat or Rubber Ring Mat

(Marine usage / all weather conditions)

Size                1m x 1m

Thickness:      14mm

Colour             True Black

Material           Natural Rubber


Deck Mats are produced for outdoor environments and are widely used for marine outdoors and also can be used indoors.

  • all weather and under stressful conditions
  • Multi-purpose usage from Domestic (garden, Kitchen, Toilet, Garage, Laundry room etc), Industrial (wet areas, damp and slippery like food processing, bottling plants, breakable & fragile products like glass or electronic components)
  • Anti-fatigue usage for long-standing jobs.
  • used on Boats and Caravans
  • Used in Cold rooms for anti-slip requirement
  • Can be used effectively on both sides


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