Safety Film

Safety Film and Security Film are strong with high thickness and reducing the risk of glass breakage. It safeguards life from natural calamity. Safety film use technology to defend personal protection against accidents and thefts by using it’s tear- resistant property. They are available in both clear and with high solar rejection properties depending on your requirements for commercial and residential.

Here in Singapore, most of the house bathroom shower area is installed with glass panels.  Even it is tempered and tested at manufacturing factory, the breakage may still appear due to the installation done at site. If any persistent stress developed on the glass due to the slight uneven in the frame or enough allowance not given then it tend to break easily. Though it may break small pieces, there is a possibility to injure sensitive parts like eyes, face and some times it even enters through mouth will make serious issues. To keep in this in mind, we extend our service to residential for the safety film or security film at low cost. Investing a small amount to protect your family is imperative with the above condition.


Safety Film Features:
  • Improves safety and security.
  • Cost-effective compared to safety glass.
  • Holding glass together with the film in an event of breakage.
  • To deter the burglars.
  • Blocks 99% of UV rays.
  • Manufactured with shockproof material for high durability.
  • They reject 60% to 85% of heat coming from the window. (Not applicable for plain safety film
  • Available in different thickness like 4mil, 6mil, 8mil & 12mil (also available 2mil clear safety film)


We also encourage to sell safety film or security film for DIY lovers to cut cost, self collection from our showroom. DIY price will be much cheaper than Supply and Installation. Kindly measure your glass panels and contact us for the DIY price of safety films.