Safety Film


Safety and Security Films are strong with high thickness and reducing the risk of glass breakgae, it safeguards life from natural calamity. These films use technology to defend personal protection against accidents and thefts by using it’s tear- resistant property. They are available in both clear and with high solar rejection properties.


  • Improves safety and security.
  • These films are cost-effective compared to safety glass.
  • Holding glass together with the film in an event of breakage.
  • To deter the burglars.
  • Blocks 99% of UV rays.
  • Highly durable as they are manufactured with shockproof material.
  • They reject 60% to 85% of heat coming from the window. (Not applicable for plain safety film
  • Available in different thickness like 4mil, 6mil, 8mil & 12mil (also available 2mil clear safety film)



Safety film table