Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belts are robust and durable rubber plied or solid woven belts. It comes with abrasion and impact resistant, plied with rubber covers. The carcass is made up of 4 plies; each is separated by a rubber layer. The upper and lower fabrics of the belt are then covered with a final rubber cover.

Conveyor Belt Technical Data Sheet:

DIMENSIONSTesting StandardsResultsTolerance
Operating temperature-20 to 80°C
Belt ThicknessISO 58310 mmUp to 10mm: ±1mm and according to ISO14890
Top cover thicknessISO 5835 mm-0.3mm
Bottom cover thicknessISO 5831.5 mm-0.2mm
WidthISO 2511000 mm+/- 1%
Belt weight (indicative)13,3 Kg/ml
Testing StandardsResultsTolerance
Carcass typePlied
Warp yarnsPolyester
Number of plies4
Tensile strength warpISO 283> 500 N/mm
Elongation at break warpISO 283> 10%
Elongation under 10% loadISO 283< 1,5%
Adhesion between cover and carcassISO 252> 4 N/mm
Adhesion between plies and pliesISO 252> 4,5 N/mm
COVER MECHANICAL PROPERTIESTesting StandardsResultsTolerance
Tensile strength at breakISO 37> 14 Mpa
Elongation at breakISO 37> 400 %
AbrasionISO 4649< 150 mm3
HardnessISO 86862+/- 5 Shore A