Rubber Sheet Neoprene

Neoprene rubber sheet is a solid rubber material with strong resistance to chemicals, oils, Sun UV, ozone and many general weather conditions suitable for outdoor & indoor requirements. It is a sturdy and robust material that resists abrasion. This material can withstand temperatures of different grades. Temperature withstand will be from -20°C  to 100°C.

ASRO has neoprene rubber in different thickness for your requirements

Neoprene Rubber Sheet Dimensions:

Roll Size                    –     1.2m x 5m

Thickness Available   –     5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, & 25mm

Technical Characteristics of Neoprene Rubber Floor:
Colour Black
Surface Smooth
Specific Gravity 1.7g/cm3
Hardness 60+/-5 Shore A
Tensile Strength 2MPA
Elongation 150%
Compression Set (22 hrs at 70°C) 35% Max
Tear Resistance 15Kg/cm
Tear Strength 10Mpa
Abrasion Resistance (<60 @0.5kg, >60@1kg) 400mm³
THERMICAL AGEING (72hrs at 70°C)
Hardness 8 Shore A
Tensile Strength -0.1
Elongation -0.2


Ozone Normal
UV Rated Normal
Chemical Resistance Normal
Concentrated Acids & Bases Normal
Fire Rated Normal
Maximum Service Temperature +100°C
Minimum Service Temperature -20°C

Natural Rubber Sheet

Natural Rubber is used in some of the indoor applications like cushioning, floor protection, components making. Temperature withstand will be from -20°C  to 70°C

Natural Rubber Sheet Dimensions:

1 m x 5m     –   5mm & 10mm Thickness

1 m x 3m     –   8mm Thickness

Technical Characteristics of Natural Rubber Roll:
Colour Black
Material Natural
Density 1.6 +/-0.05
Hardness 70+/-5
Tensile Strength >3 MPA
Elongation at Break >200%
Maximum Service Temperature +100°C
Minimum Service Temperature -20°C
Abrasion Resistance 460 mm³
Tear Resistance 5Kg/cm

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