Dust Mat (dust, dirt & water)

Dust Mat is the most popular mat for office and commercial entrances. It helps to efficiently remove the dust, dirt and moisture from the shoes before entering into the premise.
  • Dust Mat comes in PE and PP material with non skid Vinyl backing.
  • It can remove, trap dirt and absorb moisture.
  • Standard sizes are available. 60cm x 90cm, 90cm x 150cm, 120cm x 180cm.
  • Special custom sizes are also available to your required dimensions.
  • Custom sizes are available with Heavy Duty thick Rubber Edging.
  • Full rolls are also available to lay long stretch areas such as walk way, runner and staircases.
  • Please check stock before visiting showroom / confirmation of order.

Custom Size Dust Mats


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Dust control ribbed mat is called in few other names of Tough Ribbed Mat, Dirt Mat, Dirt & Moisture mat and Wiper Mat. It simply removes and wipes the dirt, dust and moisture from the shoes when people enter from outside into a building or office. Commercially suitable color choices make your place neat and free from dirt. Simple water droplets areas such as office pantry, restaurant hand wash areas, entrances under shelter, toilet entrance can use both our Dust Mat and Water Absorbent Mat to absorb the moisture.

The Stripes design helps to scrap the dirt more and the Plush design helps to absorb the moisture more from your shoes efficiently. Few available Standard sizes help to choose your correct choice suitable to your doors or some other area. Stock checking is suggested before specifying…

ASRO introduces a big roll form of Dust Mat with ribbed design in different 3 different widths. The available widths are 3ft, 4ft and 6ft with a roll length of 18m and 1m x 25m roll. The roll form of this mat can be used for walkways, long entrances, VIP entrance and many other usage depending on your own imagination. Please contact our sales personnel to give options based on your requirement.