Floor mat, Entrance mat & Door mat with the finest quality & workmanship available from ASRO in Singapore. Door mats or Floor mats are produced with high-quality materials of rib mats with carpet, vinyl, PVC, PE, synthetic fibre, and Nylon yarns. Backings are with nitrile rubber, Gel foam, and PVC backing. Our door mats will give long-lasting performance throughout the year with good maintenance.

Floor mats from ASRO have been designed with a composition that can highly remove, trap, hide dirt, and mud, and absorb moisture before you enter any building and office premises with rib mat design. Trapping dirt and moisture at the door is a healthy component of indoor air quality and green building maintenance. Gym mats, Kitchen mats, logo mats, Swimming pool mats, and Toilet or shower mats are some of our speciality product

s apart from entrance mats. ASRO mats are customised with strong rubber edging and with special glue for high bonding. We have a long history of customer satisfaction and you can see some of our customers from the client list

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