Reflective Film

Reflective film or mirror film is a proven technology that available in the window film market for a long time. This kind of film is majorly used for the architectural finish and privacy together with solar rejection properties.


  • Reflection/mirror surface gives privacy from outside with certain lighting conditions like daytime or bright light on the mirror side and less light on the colour side (inside)
  • Skylight usage – Rejects / Reflects heat in a faster way. It transfers less heat to the glass panels which helps to protect the glass panels from breaking.
  • Available in many colours to suit your requirement. We are selling in full rolls (1.52m x 30m) and cut lengths only the dark grey.

Reflective Film Value Table:


Model Visual Light Transmittance (VLT) Infra-Red Rejection


UV Rejection (UVR)
Dark Grey 3% 89% 97%
Light Grey 36% 80% 99%
Dual Reflective Grey 10% 96% 99%
Light Bronze 18% 74% 80%
Dark Bronze 9% 89% 97%
Ice Blue 17% 88% 93%
Green 20% 86% 90%
Gold 27% 82% 71%
Burgandy 3% 83% 90%