Event Carpets

Event Carpet / Exhibition Carpet / Needle Punch Carpet / Carpet Runner / Event Runner is the most popular temporary flooring and ASRO specializes in selling it at a cheap price without compromising the quality. We have a wide range of carpets and flooring that are designed for consumer shows, roadshows, trade fairs, luxury events, mega-events, weddings, VIP walkways, temporary offices, stage wrapping etc


Event Carpet – NBR Series

Roll Size :  2m (width) x 22.5m (length) x 2mm (+/-) Thick. Cut lengths available.

Synthetic fibre Needle Punch


BS Series Rolls

Roll Size:  2m (width) x 30m (length) x 2.5mm (+/-) Thick, 100% Polypropylene


Thick Ribbed Series with Latex Foam Backing (Anti-skid)

Roll Size :  2m (width) x 25m (length) x 3.5mm (+/-) Thick. Cut lengths available.

100% Olefin fiber Ribbed Construction, Latex foam for anti-skid. Made in Italy


ASRO offers event carpets at the best price with quality. Event carpets are simply DIY by using double-sided tape and edge tapes. For projects, ASRO offers quality installation service. For temporary use for a few days, the NBR & BS series is sufficient. For long time usage, the Ribbed series is suggested. The foam backing of the ribbed series gives a cushion comfort & anti-skid compared to the standard ones. The Ribbed series can be used for short-term offices with low traffic.

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