Chair Mat

Strong Chair Mat

  • Chair Mats are Translucent and well suited to your existing floorings.
  • Solid plain back is for Vinyl, Carpet and any other hard floor surfaces.
  • The studded nail back is for soft and high-pile carpet floors.
  • Standard Sizes: (2mm x 36” x 48”) & (3mm x 45” x 53”).

Applications of Solid Back Chair Mat:

Vinyl Tiles, Laminates, Parquet, Tiles, Hardwood, Concrete and all hard floors.


Applications of Studded Nail Back Chair Mat:

  • Studded chair mats on carpet surfaces give protection to the carpet and their ergonomic aids maximize efficiency in your workplace.
  • They also enable you to easily and smoothly roll the chair from one place to another place.
  • The studded back is designed to achieve strong gripping without piercing or damaging your carpet. It may slightly vary depending on the carpet’s softness.



Mat was tested under by SGS, complied and passed the below requirements.

1) FMVSS302 Flammability Test – Not spreading fire when ignited or under high temperature.

2) EN71-3 Toy Toxicity Test – Mat materials are free from hazardous 17 types of heavy metals.

Flexible Clear PVC Mat

PVC Clear Protection Sheet (1.37m x 18m)


Roll Size:   1.37m x 18M

Thickness:  2mm

These clear vinyl sheets are used in floor protection without affecting the aesthetic part of the existing floor. You can also use this one like a chair mat or chair pad with your customised cuts.


Specification for Clear Vinyl Sheet: 

These data are to be served as a guide only.

Technical Characteristics  Standards
Shore ‘A’ Hardness 24hrs / 23C 75.00
Specific Gravity 1.23
Tensile Strength 16.20 N/mm
Tensile Modules 100% 8.50 N/mm²
Elongation 360 %
Tear Strength 45 N/mm
Low-Temperature Flexibility -22ºC
Cold Rend Brittle Temperature -35ºC
Heat Ageing Loss 1.50 % Max
Water Absorption 0.50 % Max