EPDM Rubber Sheeet

EPDM (Ethylene propylene diene monomer)

EPDM rubber is suitable for outdoor due to the below properties

  • Excellent resistance to heat, ozone and sunlight (outdoor suitable)
  • Good resistance to acids, alkalis and oxygenated solvents
  • Superior resistance to water and steam
  • Good flexibility against temperature
  • Highly extendible
  • Sulfer and peroxide curable



Some of the applications in construction & other industries like

  • roofing, waterproofing, and sealing applications
  • wet areas, facades, etc.
  • other areas like automotive, HVAC, Industrial etc




Color                              Black

Hardness                       70 ± 5 Shores A

Spec. weight                  about 1.15

Temperatures               – 50°C up to + 140°C

Pressures                       up to 10 bar

Tensile strength              100 kg / cm2

Elongation at break        300%