Roller Blinds

Roller blind is the most required window furnishing with easy maintenance. ASRO has a wide range of roller blind collections suitable for office, commercial and residential purposes.

  • our blinds system is the best selling system in the USA. We also have Japanese systems.
  • our blinds system is in Singapore for more than 25 years.
  • components and other parts are easily available for any future maintenance/repair process.
  • fabrics with fire retardant, green label, Children health-friendly and many more with all specifications.

Fabric Choices : Blackout  / Dim-out  / Perforated  / Plain  / Design  / Day Roller Blinds

ASRO has plenty of choices for your roller blind fabric selection. Perforated, Blackout, Semi-blackout, dim-out, design, textured are available to meet your fabric choices. ASRO provides many colour choices to meet your requirements. We have both indoor and outdoor fabric materials according to your requirement. Many types of systems are available such as standard pulley chain, spring chain, one-touch system, heavy-duty system etc.,

Side guide for complete blackout effect, valance cover for neat look who doesn’t want to show the roller blinds head, black colour system and wrap bottom bar service are also available.

Roller Blind Fabric Description:

  • Fire Retardant
  • Fragrance-free / Non-Taxic
  • US Environmental Greenguard certified
  • EU Environmental Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified
  • Tested against harmful substances
  • NFPA701-99 (USA) / M2 (France)

Standard Office Roller Blind Fabrics

Most of the offices use standard fabric either perforated or blackout.

Perforated fabrics:

  •  allow light to come in
  •  allow outside view
  •  provide privacy during day time
  •  makes the room bright & feel big
  •  30% Polyester and 70% PVC on Polyester
  •  5% Openness

Blackout Fabric:

  •  100% blocks the light & view
  •  100% Polyester (PVC / Lead-free)
  •   Sanitized – Anti Bacteria (Bacterial & Fungal Resistance)
  •   suitable for 100% privacy needs during day & night
  •   suitable for meeting rooms with projector facility needed
  •   cuts the maximum amount of heat

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