UV Film – UV400 Technology

UV film (UV400) with extreme heat rejections 

UV400 films in our collection, a cutting edge technology in the solar film industry. This UV400 films reject 100% all type of UV rays up to topmost 400nm wavelength which is different from standard nano-ceramic solar films that reject UV99.99% at only below 380nm wavelength.  UV is an electromagnetic radiation with wavelength 10nm to 400nm. These waves are shorter than visible light and longer than x-rays that penetrate easily into our body.


  • 380-400 nm wavelength (UVT): harmful UVT Transferred without any absorbance by ozone layers. This cause skin cancer, damage on eye parts, faster ageing process (skin). Standard solar films with 99% UV rejection don’t cut these wavelength UV spectrums..
  • 315-380 nm wavelength (UVA):  Deep penetrating UVA emitted in this wavelength without blocked by ozone layer. This UVA makes ageing process fast. It enters into skin deeply and make skin ageing.
  • 280-315 nm Wavelengths (UVB): during clear sky days, the UVB rays are not partly absorbed by the ozone. So when UVB reach our body, it creates skin problems like sunburns, faster ageing, snow blindness and even skin cancer.
  • 100-280 nm Wavelengths (UVC):  UVC released in this wavelength and it is mostly absorbed by the clouds. So we usually not much affected by this rays.


Singapore is having topmost UV levels (UV Index 12 & 13) than other countries. For reference, please refer WHO UV index


These UV film can eliminate all UV rays from Sun entering through the glass panels. Usual window films with UV rejection mentioned 99.99% works only certain wavelengths, say 280nm to 380nm. Beyond this wavelength, the standard films are not able to block all kind of UV spectrums. Overexposure of UV rays can cause severe damage to both skin and eyes. It can also lead to skin cancer if exposed for a long period of time. These new UV400 series films can eliminate all UVA, UVB & UVC at any wavelengths and the UV values are measured at 400nm is 0%.

Video of UV400 Test


IRR – Infra-Red Rejection, VLT- Visual Light Transmittance, UV- Ultra-Violet Rejection

UV400 Series Film Views

Additional Benefit compared to Nano-ceramic Heat Rejection Films:

  • Safeguard from skin cancer. This is necessary for Singapore homes since the rooms are getting smaller and window glass panels are getting bigger means we get UV higher volume & faster rate inside the room. Standard Nano-ceramic solar films are not sufficient to reject UVA at higher wavelengths.
  • Our UV films come with very high heat rejection properties the same as other high-end Nano-ceramic films. Means you are getting very important additional benefit in one window film purchase.
  • UV rays are more vulnerable to infants, children and old aged. Highly recommended to buy UV films.
  • Those with high-quality carpets and furniture at home to avoid fading need this UV film compared to the standard.
  • Especially needed for eyes when your room is direct exposure to sunlight. Our retina is more sensitive to UV and UVA can easily penetrate to change cells in the retina. We are happy to say SGH has specially installed our films for their eye bank and retina testing areas.



  • Carefully customise from World’s Best OEM window film manufacturing sources with R&D technology origin from the USA.
  • Selling wholesale to dealers bulk orders to 1 roll or even cut lengths at wholesale price. Supply and Install to end-users at wholesale prices.
  • Unbeatable prices. (45 to 50% discount)
  • High warranty up to 10 Years with ASRO installations.
  • New Introduction – UV400++ technology solar films to cut 100% UVA at strong Sun.
  • Served by friendly professional consultants & Highly experienced professional solar film installation teams.
  • The vast history of ASRO involvements in both commercial & residential projects. Click to see some of our well-known clients

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