Rubber Mat

Rubber mat makes an ideal industrial and commercial floor covering. Made from natural rubber, it has a good water resistance properties, resist to abrasion / tear and durable. Rubber mat is good for floor protection. Provide a soft more appealing feel to your floors either indoor or outdoor.

The usage is limitless and up to your imagination such as Lifts, sloped floors, trailers, marine, wall protection, gym floor, garage coverings, basement flooring, kennels, boats, warehouses, Bars, Walkways, Corridors, Subway, High traffic areas, Heavy Duty work place, Wet & Dry areas, protect floor and wall surfaces and many other commercial / industrial usages. It is easy to install and maintain.

Standard roll sizes

1m x 10m x 4.5mm thickness (Coin Design)

  1.2m x 10m x 4.5mm thickness (Coin Design)

                                                           1m x 10m x 3mm thickness (Corrugated Design)

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