Vinyl Plank-Glue

Vinyl floor is an extremely high resistant and designed to reproduce the natural beauty of wood. The planks are asbestos free and are environmentally safe and friendly. High Pressure lamented vinyl floor is aesthetically pleasing, resistant to dirt and common stains and is durable. The vinyl floor is available in 2mm thickness and 3mm thickness. Supply only for easy DIY is available with glue is available.



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Our vinyl tiles are engineered for high profile public areas such as reception and entrance space, all type of shops, banks, supermarkets, restaurants, food areas, boutiques, hair salons and customer service areas. They are equally suitable for residential floors of domestic homes.

The random nature of wood and other natural materials from which our designs are taken, means that variation in color and shard is normal and enhances natural look of our products.

Vinyl floor uses a high-tech 100% PVC patterned photographic print film layer encapsulated between heavy duty PVC wear layer and vinyl backing.