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Xtreme Series Solar Films

Xtreme series Sun control films are specially developed for topmost heat rejections to get a maximum solar shield. These films come with an advanced version of Nano-ceramic technology.  This technology improves solar control at a high wavelength and also increases the lifetime of the film. There are also traditional Nano-ceramic films available in the market.


IRR – Infra-Red Rejection, VLT- Visual Light Transmittance, UV- Ultra-Violet Rejection, TSER – Total Solar Energy Rejection


  • Carefully customized models from World’s best OEM window film manufacturing sources to cater for local Mediterranean weather here.
  • Extensive R&D from our OEM for continuous improvement in Technology for new versions.
  • Selling wholesale to dealers bulk orders to 1 roll or even cut lengths at wholesale price. Supply and Install to end-users at wholesale prices.
  • Unbeatable prices. (45 to 50% discount)
  • High warranty up to 10 Years with ASRO installations.
  • New Introduction of UV400++ technology solar films to cut 100% UVA, UVB, UVC at strong solar spectrums.
  • Served by friendly professional consultants & Highly experienced professional solar film installation teams.
  • The vast history of ASRO involvement in both commercial & residential projects. Click to see some of our well-known clients

UV400+ Series Solar Films

Rejects 100% harmful UVA rays up to 400nm wavelengths together with high heat rejection values.


Solar films with UV400+ are state-of-art technology to cut all harmful UV rays up to 400nm wavelengths. Compared to other usual solar films in the market cut 99.99% to 380nm only.  UV400 protection is considered to provide 100% protection against harmful ultraviolet rays, including UVT, UVA, UVB and UVC.  Harmful UVA rays are emitted near to 380 to 400nm and standard solar films allow most of the strong UVT & UVAs.

  • 380-400 nm wavelength (UVT): harmful UVT Transferred without any absorbance by ozone layers. This causes skin cancer, damage to eye parts, and a faster ageing process (skin). Standard solar films with 99% UV rejection don’t cut these wavelength UV spectrums..
  • 315-380 nm wavelength (UVA):  Deep penetrating UVA is emitted in this wavelength without being blocked by the ozone layer. This UVA makes the ageing process fast. It enters the skin deeply and makes skin ageing.
  • 280-315 nm Wavelengths (UVB): during clear sky days, the UVB rays are not partly absorbed by the ozone. So when UVB reach our body, it creates skin problems like sunburns, faster ageing, snow blindness and even skin cancer.
  • 100-280 nm Wavelengths (UVC):  UVC is released in this wavelength and it is mostly absorbed by the clouds. So we are usually not much affected by these rays.


Singapore is having topmost UV Index levels (UV Index 12 & 13) than other countries. For reference, please refer WHO UV index

UV400 window tinting is suitable for young children, old aged, skin allergies, skin beauties, and most importantly those who want to protect the family from skin cancer & eye retina issues. Recommended by SKIN CANCER FOUNDATION as an effective UV protection. It also has the property of high heat rejection similar to the Xtreme series.


UV400 Test Demo


Dimmer Series (Photochromic Films)

The Dimmer film brings a unique performance of having two VLT performances in one film. The film allows the Sunlight to make it darker during day time and it will become lighter back after the sunshine. This happens automatically every time its photochromic technology adjusts the dimmer effect. Though the cost is higher than other series of films, the dimmer films are much needed and attractive to someone looking for this special and unique option.

As an expert in technology, we are here to help you in selecting a suitable film for your requirement. Moreover, all our films under Xtreme, UV & Dimmer series are with topmost heat rejections using advanced technologies.

Most of the new condominium in Singapore regulates the VLT values to be 60% and above to show all the units with uniform aesthetics from the outside. There are no restrictions for some old condominiums, private apartments, landed houses, commercial buildings & HDB. For the application of Reflective mirror films, necessary to check with building management.

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