Aluminium Entrance Mat

Aluminium Entrance Mat, originally known as Industrial / Commercial mat in Singapore is the best way to meet from low to high traffic entrance areas. We produce a high-quality entrance mat with a combination of 6063-T6 aluminum alloy extrusion and hard wearing carpet or vinyl insert depending on your requirements. It effectively removes the dirt and moisture from the shoes before entering the building. The innovative design gives a prestigious look and enhances the appearance of the building.


Model AS – ULTRA:  19mm high including System thickness + L angle bar thickness.
Recess depth requirement is 20mm




Available Color Choices:

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The carpet used in the entrance mats are able to take most of the grits and mud from the shoes.

The carpet has good water absorbing quality to take most of the moisture from your shoes.

The carpet in the mat has good resilience and it won’t come off easily.

The mats will not become weak or wrap during its lifespan.