Bar Spill Mat

Bar Spill Mats are essential for every bar owner to help prevent spills and keep wooden or other surfaces in great shape for years without fading.


Other Names: Rubber Bar Mats, Bar Beer Mats, Rubber Bar Service Mat

Standard Size   :   30cm x 45cm (12″ x 18″)




Bar Spill Mat Common Applications:

  •  Behind the bar
  •  Serving Counters
  •  Commercial Bars
  •  Restaurants Bar
  •  PUB
  •  Home Bars
  •  Profession Bars
  •  Bar Spill Mats are perfect for preventing cup rings, sticky messes and stains from damaging your counter
  •  Bar Beer Mats will keep all the drips, spills and liquid on the bottom of the glass run on the mat’s hedgehog style dumpled surface.
  •  Bar Mats can be use as a landing place for wet shakers between drinks to keep the bar top free from moisture damage.
  •  The bristled surface of the rubber bar service spill mats allow air flow underneath wet glasses for fast and efficient air drying.