Floor Protection Sheet

Floor Protection Sheets are essential for renovation contractors, construction sites, and temporary events. This vinyl protection sheet comes in 0.5mm & 0.7mm. The major advantage of vinyl protection over carpet protection is that it is water-moisture-proof.


Roll Size      –     1.83m x 27m   (6 feet x 90 feet)

PVC Clear Protection Sheet (1.37m x 18m)


Roll Size:   1.37m x 18M

Thickness:  2mm

These clear vinyl sheets are used in floor protection without affecting the aesthetic part of the existing floor. You can also use this one like a chair mat or chair pad with your customised cuts.


Specification for Clear Vinyl Sheet: 

These data are to be served as a guide only.

Technical Characteristics  Standards
Shore ‘A’ Hardness 24hrs / 23C 75.00
Specific Gravity 1.23
Tensile Strength 16.20 N/mm
Tensile Modules 100% 8.50 N/mm²
Elongation 360 %
Tear Strength 45 N/mm
Low-Temperature Flexibility -22ºC
Cold Rend Brittle Temperature -35ºC
Heat Ageing Loss 1.50 % Max
Water Absorption 0.50 % Max