Electrical Insulation Mat

Electrical Insulation Mats / Switchboard Mats are essential for safety in areas from low voltage to high voltage applications for the users to protect from dangerous electric shock. The mat can be used as a whole floor covering or as a particular working space Mats. There are many grades of voltages are available for LV, MV and HV. Please refer the chart below.


Electrical Insulation Mat Data: (Certification IEC  6111:2009)

Model Thick Size Class Dielectric Test Voltage Nominal Maximum Use Voltage (AC)
Diamond Black 5mm 1m x 10m Class 0 10 KV 1 kV
Corrugated Grey 3mm 1m x 10m Class 2 30 KV 17 KV
Corrugated Grey 4.5mm 1m x 10m Class 4 50 KV 36 KV
Corrugated Black 9mm 1m x 6m Class 1 20 KV 7.5 KV
Corrugated Grey 8mm 1m x 6m Class 2 30 KV 17 KV
Plain Grey 12mm 1m x 6m Class 4 50 KV 36 KV


Model (No Class) Thick Size Test Method Breakdown Voltage (AC)
Corrugated Black 3mm 1m x 10m ASTM D178-01 17 KV
Corrugated Black 4mm 1m x 10m ASTM D178-01 24 KV
Corrugated Black 6mm 1m x 5m ASTM D178-01 29 KV
Corrugated Black 10mm 1m x 5m ASTM D178-01 43 KV





  • Electrical Insulation Mat / Switchboard Rubber Mat / Electrical Safety Mats meet with standards of either IEC 61111:2009 or ASTM D178-01.
  • Electrical Switchboard Matting is used as floor coverings in areas of high voltage applications for the safety of users from dangerous electrical shock.
  • Electrical Safety Mats are flame-retardant.
  • Most of these electrical mats come with anti-slip surfaces.


Product Names:

  • Electrical Switchboard Matting
  • Diamond Plate Switchboard Mats
  • Corrugated Switchboard Mats
  • Electrical Safety Matting
  • High Voltage Insulation Rubber Mat
  • Insulation Mat
  • Switchgear Mat


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