SPC Vinyl Flooring (Click Vinyl)

SPC Vinyl Flooring is our new and advanced type of click system flooring. It has multiple advantages when compared to the regular luxury vinyl flooring (LVT) available in the market. SPC stands for “Stone Polymer Composite”.


  • Formaldehyde-free which helps to prevent from many hazardous health issues,Singapore Finest Services
  • Excellent dimensional stability – no expansion and contraction,
  • Highly water-resistant which makes it suitable for high moisture areas,
  • Anti-slip emboss surface to prevent from slipping accidents,
  • Fire Resistant- certified Bf1-S1,
  • UV Resistant to prevent early discoloration.
  • SPC flooring has an added advantage of being non-toxic compare to traditional luxury vinyl flooring (LVT).
  • SPC flooring differentiates itself with its exceptional performance & durability than vinyl, wood, and laminated flooring.
  • Its wear layer is frictional to withstand slips, falls, wear and tear.
  • It will not swell or bulge upon contact with water. On added sophistication, it has the least maintenance option.
  • Zero chance for termites breeding as there is no wood content.
  • Plank sizes are 15cm x 122cm, 22.86cm x 122cm and 1ft x 2ft.     

Visit our showroom to view the real texture and color of the full planks.

SPC flooring has the Composite layer just above the vinyl backing layer. This composite layer helps to prevent VOC emission to come out from the vinyl backing. Thanks to the inventor to introduce this kind of floor. It protects us from many health hazards compared to traditional Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT).

Superb Dimensional Stability helps to maintain the floor to a high extent from expansion and contraction. This new SPC flooring is a trend maker now in the flooring industry by having many advantages in it. There is a wide range of color and design choices available.

This flooring is very simple and easy to maintain. Sweeping the dirt and moping with a damp cloth is enough to maintain the floor. The embossed surface greatly reduces the chances of slipping. Due to the Non-Toxic and many other above-said advantages, the SPC floor is highly preferable by owners with children, pets, and elders.


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