ASRO in Singapore is one of the best one stop solution provider for interior soft furnishing products from world top class manufacturers. We are engaging best-optimized supply chains all around global sources and downstream activities in Singapore with who got experience since 1985. ASRO has good track record of our well-known clients which gives you peace of mind when you engage our services for materials, fabrication, and workmanship.
ASRO manage our best pool of supply base & supply chain by periodically identifying and optimizing them to have good quality and competitive pricing benefit to you. We also adopt a carefully designed business model to provide “high-quality materials and workmanship” to you in an “affordable price range”.
For the downstream activities like fabrication and installation, we have sophisticated associated company workshops & dedicated pool of well-experienced installation teams specialized for our products. Each individual teams are having supervisors who got experience over 15 – 20 years in various product fields that we provide. We use our different warehouses at multiple locations in an optimized way to cut your cost.
We are specialized in providing the solution for all your needs and have a huge collection for your selection according to your requirement. Also, our consultants have vast experience in providing consultation according to your requirements.