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Adding elegance or soft romance to any place becomes simple when you engage service from ASRO. Amazingly affordable our products are  
crafted with top quality materials with  qualified workmanship to make your place beyond your expectation and affordable with our pricing strategy.

By providing one-stop shop for carpet, wallpaper, wallcoverings, solar films, curtain and blinds, Laminated floorings your time and costs are
greatly minimised.
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Product Pictures & Information:
We manage our best pool of supply base & supply chain by identifying and optimising the best to have good quality and competitive pricing benefit
to you and selling the products as one-stop shop. We also adopt a carefully designed business model to provide "high quality material and workmanship"
to you in an "affordable price range".
For the downstream workmanship like fabrication and installation, we have dedicated pool of experienced local workmanship teams. Each individual teams
are having over 15 - 20 years experience in various above product fields.  We use our different warehousesat multiple locations in an optimised way to cut cost.

We are specialised in providing solution for all your carpet needs and have huge collection  for your selection according to your requirement.
Also our consultants have vast experience in providing consultation for your  carpet selection.


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