Vinyl Sheet Flooring (Glue)

Vinyl sheet flooring is used widely in both residential and commercial buildings. Vinyl Sheet flooring comes in large, flexible roll form which is 2m x 20mm roll size. 

HD Series Vinyl Sheets

180 Series Vinyl Sheets

150 Series Vinyl Sheets

Above installed Images created by using software and these are not real. This is just to get some preliminary idea for your color & design selection.



  • Anti-bacterial / Fungicidal
  • Static Propensity < 2KV
  • Slip Resistance(wet) R9
  • Fire Rating Bf1-S1
  • PUR Surface Treatment
  • TVOC (after 28 days) < 10ug/m3

Vinyl Sheet floor is very simple to maintain. Sweeping and mopping with a damp cloth is pretty enough to maintain the floor. Vinyl floors do not require waxing and polishing. This type of sheet floor can be replaced and patch up for damages if happen in future.

Vinyl sheets can be laid over existing floors without hacking the old floor. The less seam quality increase the water resistance. The small number of grooves help to lower the deposit of dirt in between the grooves. Vinyl floor do not get too cold like stone or other ceramic tiles. 


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