Carpet Underlay

Benefits of Carpet Underlay:

  • Prolongs the life of carpets.
  • Reduce excess glue application on your wooden floors.
  • Minimises carpet rucking.
  • Gives an extra underfoot comfort.
  • Ideal for wheeled traffic areas.
  • Minimises furniture indentation marks.
  • Provides excellent heat and sound insulation.
* Discuss with our sales team to pick up the right one for you.

Carpet Underlays are generally refers to an additional layer of material beneath the carpet roll. The underlay is available with different qualities such as PU foam, Rubber Sponge, Felt fiber, Crumb rubber, etc., We have many specification to meet to your requirement from basic cushion to heavy duty commercial usage. The different qualities have their own purpose of usage for each sector. Some of our underlays have sound and heat insulation to a certain percentage.

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