ROYAL – T16 Silky Soft

ROYAL – T16 Specifications
Construction 1/10” Gauge Cut Pile
Yarn Composition 100% Super Soft iSENSE® Nylon
Tufted Pile Weight Ca. 2400 g/m² (70 oz/yd²)
Total Weight Ca. 2760 g/m² (81.39 oz/yd²)
Pile Height Ca. 13 mm (+/- 0.5 mm)
Total Height Ca. 15.5 mm (+/- 0.5 mm)
Backing FusionBac®
Tufts per sqm 286,375/m²
Standard Roll Size 3.98 m x 22 m
Fire Classification Cfl-s1
Thermal Resistance In m²C˚/W 0.21
Sound Absorption DLw – 34 dB
DOP 1008#BL0001
Lifetime Antishock Carpet Warranty
Ideal for Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Entrance, Hallway, Study Use.
The subfloor should be dry, smooth, flat, dust-free and resistant to compression and load-bearing. Where seaming is necessary, a seam sealant must be used for all such installations. Due to dye lot variations, actual material may vary slightly from the samples. Chair pads are recommended to prevent premature wear of carpet.
Manufactured in Belgium