LAB Carpet Rolls

LAB Specifications
Construction Tufted Cut & Loop Pattern
Yarn Composition
100% Solution Dyed Nylon, 2-Ply Heatset
Tufted Pile Weight Ca. 1085 g/m² (32 oz/yd²)
Total Weight Ca. 1870 g/m² (55.14 oz/yd²)
Pile Height Ca. 6.5 mm (+/- 0.5 mm)
Total Height Ca. 8.5 mm (+/- 0.5 mm)
Density 4500
Primary Backing PP Woven Cloth
Secondary Backing ActionBac®
Standard Roll Size 3.66 m x 30 m
(as tested by ITTS Inc. USA)
Static Control Pass – Max. 4 kV (AATCC-134-1996)
Tuft Bind Pass – 5.4 lbs (ASTM-D-1335)
Dimensional Stability Pass – Max. 0.2% change (AACHEN)
Indoor Air Quality CRI Green Label Plus
– Pill Test Pass – 8 (ASTM-D-2859-06)
– Radient Panel Pass – Class II (ASTM-E-648-10)
– Smoke Density Pass – Max. 450 (ASTM-E-662-06)
– to light Excellent – 5 (AATCC-16E)
– to wet & dry crocking Excellent – 5 (AATCC-165)
– to ozone Excellent – 5 (AATCC-129)
Lifetime Antishock Carpet Warranty
Ideal for Medium and Heavy Hospitality use in Hotel Suite Rooms,
Hotel Corridors, Offices, Restaurants, Retail Outlets, etc
The subfloor should be dry, smooth, flat, dust-free and resistant to compression and load-bearing. Where seaming is necessary, a seam sealant must be used for all such installations. Due to dye lot variations, actual color may vary slightly from the samples. Chair pads are recommended to prevent premature wear of carpet.