Wallpapers and Wallcoverings change living space into luxury and avoid makeover using expensive in-build wooden / lamination works.There are two ways of changing your boring painted walls by either all the walls to be covered or just highlight one wall /few walls in each rooms without spending much. Buying from ASRO gives you 100% satisfaction and peace to your mind

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The images are shown here are for just reference & visit our showroom to see all the latest catalogues with huge collections. We are serving from last 10 years to most of the residential and well-known corporates in Singapore.

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class='text-left-align'> Our korean wallpapers have fast turn-around by introducing new designs every six months to one year time and thus you have more and modern latest collections. By getting feedback from our sales around this south east asia region, we timely change the designs from our different manufacturers to attract the end users from this region.

ASRO display in online just few designs for your reference. We have vast (2012 – 2015) collections in our shop according to your requirements for your selections. Also ASRO provide installation with experienced local workmanship.

Roll Sizes:

  • European / Standard – 0.53 m width x 10 m length – one roll can cover 1.5m width of the standard height wall.
  • Korean wallpaper / Disney – 1.06 m width x 15.6 m length – one roll can cover 4 to 5m width of the standard height wall.
  • Japanese – 0.92 m width x 50 m length – one roll can cover 12 to 15m width of the standard height wall.
  • Photo Wallpaper – 3.8 m width x 2.7m Height (OR) 1.9 m width x 2.7 m Height

Korean wallpaper is 3 times (180 sq.ft) bigger than standard European roll size (60 sq. ft). One Korean wallpaper roll can fill approximately the wall size of 5m width and 2.5m height.One European roll can fill approximately the wall size of 1.5 m width and 2.5 m height which is 3 times smaller than the Korean wallpaper. Japanese Wallpapers are 3 times bigger than the Korean wallapaper and 9 times bigger than the European standard Wallpaper sizes.The above requirement may slightly defer depending on the model that you choose.


Wallpaper has quality material with thick vinyl frontal area which is good for water repellant, decorative, excessive printable to the paper backed wallpapers. We also have the the vinyl frontal with fabric backing which is usually installed in commercial applications where there are more external impacts and thus we use fabric base & vinyl face. All the Korean wallpaper, European and Japanese standard wallpaper are using paper backed vinyl face portion.


The walls where the it needs to be installed looks always nice & elegant compared to fading of normal wall. Usually, they are cleanable with wet cloth and very mild soap. According to the selection, they are brushable too. There won’t be any odour since it is installed with waterbase glue. Tiny hairline cracks can be covered nicely.

Wallpaper Designs:

There are large collections of patterns available to match different tastes of buyers. Such as modern, elegant, victorian, floral, rustic, mild, stunning, traditional, golden and many more. Our new designs of korean wallpapers are introduced in every 6 months. So there are latest collections are available periodically to avoid keeping old collections.

Installation method:

Wallpaper is made in a lay roll and usually installed in vertical panel construction by matching the pattern for each panels. So installer need to take care of matching allowance for the pattern in each panels and it is by average 50cm to add on all the panels (wall height + 50cm). If the design is strips or plain then just need to add only the cutting allowance, for example 15 cm. Professional installation by experienced installers is provided by us to make you free from installation difficulties.

Wall Condition Requirements:

Our local experienced installation team is serving in Singapore market for more than 20 years and we know that most of the walls in Singapore building are already have the waterbase sealant applied by the builders before going for any painting works or sealant together with paint. This is standards in building industry in Singapore and there is no need of additional sealant which will affect the wallpaper glue stickness on the small porus holes of the walls. You can easily check whether your wall is with sealant or without sealant by just appling few drops of water on your wall and wipe by thump or cloth. If there is no plastering or paste like structure coming out , then you no need to apply again the sealant which will affect the long time stickness. If you need waterbase sealant for very old housed or if you have any water leaking issues near aircon, then we provide the waterbase sealant application with little additional charge.

Apart from the above, your wall must be smooth enough without any big projections and stone like paints or objects. Any uneven walls and very rough walls may need additional plastering works that you may need to engage before wallpaper to be applied.

Wallpapers can be installed on ceiling as well with additional charges.

Customised Wallpaper:

Customised wallpapers are available in two ways, either by standard photo paper or non wooven fabric backed vinyl material. Any designs or photos provided with high resolution can be made or the designs available in our website can be made according to your wall size requirements. These are made by laminating a layer of fabric to a sheet of solid vinyl. The durablity is amazingly longest.

In overall, Wallpaper in any kind makes the place more elegant and completely renovated without spending much for renovation. Any old look place or no deco place can be simply converted to a rich environment by applying wallpaper.