Door Mat

Looking for a Door mat, Entrance mat, Logo mat in Singapore? ASRO will be your choice with best price and many options. Our Entrance mats come in many different types. Recess door mat, Dust & Moisture door mat, Plain Coil mat, Welcome Coil mat, Industrial Grade Aluminum mat and Company Logo mats. The mats are ideal to clean away dirt, soil and moisture from your shoes before you enter.

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ASRO mats have designed yarn composition to remove, trap, hides dirt and absorb moisture before you enter into any building and office premises. It helps to keep clean your flooring throughout the building. Trapping dirt and moisture at the door is a healthy component of indoor air quality and green building maintenance. Some of the mats have standard size and some are customized. ASRO offers customized mats to place in your entrance, walkway, inside recess and many other unique uses depending on your special requirement.